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Day 1
Practical Workshop
University of Phoenix, DC Campus
25 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20001

October 27 @ 9:00 am4:00 pm



The three basic building blocks of video content are your lights, camera and how you move your camera. The combination of these three critical components can make or break your production.

First, you will learn about real-world lighting. Even though you may not have a Hollywood production truck and crew to support you, that doesn’t mean you can’t produce Hollywood-quality content. Secondly, we will talk about the camera. You can now shoot with anything including a RED, Sony, Canon or even your iPhone. Learn the best techniques, set-ups and features you need to consider when buying, renting or choosing the camera for your next production.

You can’t use any camera without a lens. I will present in-depth information about lens choices, and I’ll help you better understand what the lens does to your image so you can learn to create an image, rather than just capture it. Additionally, we will review how you choose a lens. I will give you the tools to educate you on how to best select your lenses and help you create better images in the process.

Lastly, we will talk about the different methods for moving your camera. You can’t think of camera movement like a slider move, a jib, tripod shot or a stabilizer shot. Movement doesn’t exist without being affected by (or affecting) both your lens choice and lighting choices. Once you master these components, you will be well on your way to increasing the production value of your current work. It will help you move up the ladder to more creative, higher budget and more diverse productions.


Day 1
Evening Workshop

October 27 @ 6:00 pm9:00 pm



This workshop will help you make money – more money – right now. In this class, we will talk about how to build and grow your business as well as how to shoot to make your work stand out from your competition.

We will discuss tried and true tactics in this course such as how to find new work, get more work from your existing clients. How to network and find new companies or individuals to hire you, then how to compose a bid and make it stand out to win the bid, not because you are most affordable… and how to bid to maximize your profits. How to correctly set your prices. Improve the look of your work to help you stand out, invest smartly in certain gear to make you more money and get referrals and grow your business.



Day 2
Hands-On Workshop
US Navy Memorial Museum
701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20004

October 28 @ 9:00 am4:00 pm



Select number of attendees. Consider it a video production boot camp.

Attendees will have complete access to all the gear, locations and set-ups to do the work. Additionally, you will work side-by-side with Barry, observing how he approaches the same locations with the same equipment to learn how to improve what you are doing today. Attendees will control the camera, lighting, audio and gripping details so everyone can learn better practices that will make their work faster and more cinematic.

Barry will walk through a series of set-ups, sharing tips and techniques acquired from his 20 years in the business. He will review examples from popular movies and TV shows in order to highlight how the techniques presented are used every day on a variety of video mediums. By the end of this class, everyone will have work samples to include in their reels and experience working on every aspect of the production.

As with all training offered by Barry, attendees receive contact information so that they can follow up with Barry via email or by phone to ask additional questions, get feedback about work or to inquire about the latest field-tested gear.


2 Day, Premium Pass

October 27 @ 9:00 amOctober 28 @ 4:00pm 



Get an All-Access pass for both days and the three workshops:

• Practical Workshop: Lighting, Camera & Movement

• Evening Workshop: Art & Commerce of Shooting Video

• All-day, Hands-On Filmmaking Workshop

• Access a video download of the entire workshop ($400 value)

Get more than $500 in discounts and giveaways from our sponsors.

• Our event will be held at two venues, Day one at University of Phoenix (DC Campus), and Day two at US Navy Memorial Museum


Barry Andersson


Barry Andersson is an award-winning director and cinematographer. His career started with live television video production and now includes a pair of feature films, several acclaimed short films, television pilots and numerous commercials. Mr. Andersson uses his real-world experiences working for clients such as ESPN, Skype and Discovery Channel to conduct seminars globally about best practices for filmmakers.

His list of speaking appearances include NAB, the Idea Conference, and Creative Suite Conference, among others. He’s consulted with groups such as the U.S. Marine Corp, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and several prestigious U.S. universities.

Mr. Andersson is the author of the DSLR Filmmakers Handbook.



John Hanshaw

John Hanshaw

founded WFI in the Fall of 2007. He has worked in film and television for over ten years at such institutions as NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), PBS and most recently National Geographic. He has degrees from Amherst College, Cambridge University, and GW Law.