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Directed by Carl A. Fechner

DC Solar United Neighborhoods and the WASHINGTON FILM INSTITUTE’s Green Screen Series invite you to a screening of Carl Fechner’s The 4th Revolution — Energy Autonomy, courtesy of the Goethe Institut, at 700 Eye Street, NW on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 6:30 PM.

Scott Sklar, of The Stella Group, will introduce the film and moderate a panel discussion — “A global context for US renewable advocacy” — immediately after the film.

If Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth begged the central question of climate change “What is to be done?” Fechner’s lushly photographed film provides a substantive answer that is well worth the wait.

The late Dr. Hermann Scheer, German Bundestag member and Chair of the World Council for Renewable Energy presents proofs that renewables can replace fossil and nuclear fuels, while offering a way out of the environmental rock and the economic hard place in which oil dependence has trapped developed and developing countries alike.

The film goes directly to Mali, the Amazon Rainforest, China, Bangladesh and Europe — to show how renewables are doing just that.

A reception will be held afterward, provided by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, DC.

Seating is limited so please RSVP now to reserve a space. To defray the costs of screening this remarkable film, please consider a voluntary donation of $5 or more:

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From office buildings that produce more energy than they use to electric cars with style, visionary and entrepreneurial minds today are working across the globe on the technologies that will take us away from reliance on fossil fuels and towards clean, renewable energy for all.

The stakes are enormous, and so are the obstacles: lack of political will in the United States and many other countries, entrenched interests in the coal, gas and oil industries and the simple fact that reworking our energy infrastructure will be a difficult process. Instead of lingering on the problems, The 4th Revolution focuses on the solutions, also showing that these new methods and technologies are no longer distant dreams, but within our grasp.

Sun, wind, hydro and geothermal energy are natural sources accessible to everyone all over the world without making any difference. And they are renewable, free and available in the long run. Only the widespread knowledge about the possibilities of renewable energy can ignite an international movement and take the absolutely necessary energy transition.

THE 4TH REVOLUTION describes the possibility to switch to 100% renewables within the next 30 years by telling the stories of its protagonists, a prominent environmental activist, Nobel laureates, innovative businessmen and politicians. It demonstrates the opportunities which will be provided by the energy revolution regarding the sustainable economic development and social and economic fairness.

Scott Sklar
The Stella Group, Ltd.

The Stella Group facilitates clean distributed energy including advanced batteries and controls, energy efficiency, geoexchange, heat engines, minigeneration, modular biomass, photovoltaics, small wind, solar thermal, and water energy (freeflow hydropower, tidal, wave).


John Hanshaw

John Hanshaw

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